knockout mouse

knockout mouse

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  • Knockout mouse — A knockout mouse is a genetically engineered mouse in which one or more genes have been turned off through a gene knockout. Knockout mice are important animal models for studying the role of genes which have been sequenced, but have unknown… …   Wikipedia

  • knockout mouse — Transgenic mouse in which a particular gene has been deleted. Often shows disappointingly little phenotypic change usually because there are alternative mechanisms or because the right challenge is not being made (some genes are probably… …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • knockout mouse — a mouse that has had a specific gene artificially deleted from its genome …   Medical dictionary

  • knockout mouse — noun Any of several forms of mice that have been genetically engineered by inactivating specific genes …   Wiktionary

  • International Knockout Mouse Consortium — IKMC: International Knockout Mouse Consortium Content Description International Knockout Mouse Consortium Organism(s) Mice …   Wikipedia

  • Knockout rats — Knockout rats=A knockout rat is a rat with a single gene disruption used for academic and pharmaceutical research. Knockout rats can mimic human diseases and are important tools for studying gene function (functional genomics) and for drug… …   Wikipedia

  • Mouse — Mice redirects here. For other uses, see Mice (disambiguation). This article is about the animal. For the computer input device, see Mouse (computing). For other uses, see Mouse (disambiguation). Mouse Temporal range: Late Miocene–Recent …   Wikipedia

  • Knockout de genes — Saltar a navegación, búsqueda Un knockout de un gen ( gen knock out) es una técnica genética que consiste en bloquear la expresión de un gen específico en un organismo (un ratón, una planta, una levadura...), sustituyendo el gen original en su… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Mouse models of colorectal and intestinal cancer — Mouse models of colorectal cancer and intestinal cancer are experimental systems in which mice are genetically manipulated or challenged with chemicals to develop malignancies in the gastrointestinal tract. These models enable researchers to… …   Wikipedia

  • mouse — A small rodent belonging to the genus Mus. joint mice Small fibrous, cartilaginous, or bony loose bodies in the synovial cavity of a joint. knockout m. a m. from whose genome a single gene has been artificially deleted.Experimental animals… …   Medical dictionary

  • Gene knockout — A gene knockout (abbreviation: KO) is a genetic technique in which one of an organism s genes is made inoperative ( knocked out of the organism). Also known as knockout organisms or simply knockouts, they are used in learning about a gene that… …   Wikipedia

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